Been given a computer as a gift but it only collects dust as a paperweight? Bought a tablet but only use it for emails? Have a smart TV but it has only seen 4 channels?  Then you may want to consider our one on one training. We can come out to you to give you one on one training on any of your devices. By doing it at home on your device you can feel comfortable with how it works. We can do basic training on writing email, installing new software, running basic maintenance, access to catch up services all the way to building your own computer from scratch. If you have anything at all you want to learn that relates to the tech you use, contact us today and we can see how we can help.

Why not consider purchasing training for a loved one? Perhaps you get calls at any time asking why the printer is not working, or how to email a friend, or that they keep getting warning messages come up. We love them, but wouldn't it be nice if some of these easy problems could be solved by them as you probably don’t have the time to run out every time the printer light starts blinking only to find ink is out.

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