Are you getting older and hotter, then congratulations, but if this is happening to your computer then this is a problem. While it could just be those pesky dust bunnies getting to work on your internal radiators, it could also be down to the thermal paste drying up and losing its effectiveness to transfer heat. What is thermal paste, some of you say. Between your processor (CPU) or if you have one, GPU, there is a layer which makes contact to the copper or aluminium heat sink which gets rid of all that generated heat. Over time it dries out, more so if its factory applied where usually the cheapest available paste is applied. We can replace it with premium Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, considered by many to be the best thermal paste on market. We won’t just do that but at the same time round up all those dust bunnies and give your system a good clean. Not only will it run as cool as it did at new, but due to better compound being applied it will run even cooler which can mean less fan noise to contend with.

Liquid Metal   Motherboard


Warning! Extreme Gamers Only!

If, however you feel brave, have a copper heatsink and want the best cooling available you can opt to have Liquid Metal Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut applied to your CPU and GPU. Because it has a copper based heatsink it allows for the use of Liquid Metal. While it always comes with a risk, we migrate them by using a silicone based specialised coating to protect any contacts surrounding the main die, we even apply two coats to maximise protection. While this is something we don’t recommend for the casual user, if you are an enthusiast to the extreme who demands the very best from your PC then this is an option available.