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Does it crash unexpectedly mid-game as you are owning a noob in Call of Duty? Do the fires of Mount Doom seem cold compared to the console that renders them on> Then it's probably time to get it looked at. We can provide a full service on your console to remove those unwanted dust bunnies and replace the dried up, cheap as chips thermal paste with premium Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, considered by many to be the best thermal paste on market.

Xbox Controller   PS4 Controller


Warning! Extreme Gamers Only!

If, however you feel brave, warranty stickers mean nothing to you and have splashed out on the very latest Xbox One X you can opt to have Liquid Metal Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut applied. Because it uses a copper based heatsink it allows for the use Liquid Metal, while it always comes with risk we migrate them by using a silicone based specialised coating to protect any contacts surrounding the main die, we even apply two coats to maximise protection. While this is something we don’t recommend for the casual user, if you are an enthusiast to the extreme who demands the very best from your console then this is an option available.