Computer running slow and think its time for a new one? Hold on, you may not have considered how much difference it could make just upgrading your computer. Whether it’s installing more RAM, swapping your HDD for a faster SSD or adding in a graphics card. We will make sure your system supports the upgrades before purchase, check that the upgrades would make any significant improvement and estimate how long these improvements would last in the fast-moving developments in the industry. We will then professionally install all parts and service the computer at the same time. If the worst should happen and these parts fail under their warranty terms, as well as the cover from the manufactures which would replace the failed parts, we will reinstall the replacements free of charge.

If you fancy something even more extreme, want it to run as quiet as possible, want to have something that looks out of the ordinary or want to overclock your system then we can look to water-cooling your system. From flexi tubing right up to custom hard-line we can come up with a solution that works for you at the best possible price.

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