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Friday, 09 February 2018 17:20

Welcome to our post section!

Welcome to our new post section. Over the coming weeks, months and years this section will fill with guides, information, advice and news all related to the world of technology. While we intend to cover a number of subjects and topics, we want your involvement, if you have something you want covered then leave us a comment or send us an email with posts as subject. 

We have set up to over a wide variety of services not just computer repair, troubleshooting and custom builds. We offer training to those of all skill level and ages on whatever they need help with, operating system basics, introduction to tablets, how to set the oven clock, we have wide variety of training we can offer so get in touch. We also offer set up on any number of different products from fully installing from the box your entertainment systems, smart devices, home network, these are just few examples of what we can do. 

While we are still early stages of this site only the very basic information has been included so if you see parts not yet complete or services missing please know they will be added soon. 


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