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Water Damage - Accidents Happen

A problem that comes up far too often when it comes to technology. Usually a complete accident it can be one of the most expensive mistakes you can make. The damage may already be done before you can even do anything about it but with some luck you may be able to save your technology.

What do I do? - Switch it off, remover power supply and if you can remove the battery fast. The majority of damage is done by the short circuit created by the water. You may be surprised to know that pure water is not conductive otherwise known as distilled water, this water doesn’t have ions in it that conduct electricity however water from the tap and most other liquids do which that causes the short circuit.

Does rice work? - You have probably heard that sticking it in dry rice you can recover your technology, well maybe. The rice can remove water from the internals but what it can’t do is remover any ions or other forms of liquid, what’s left behind may be dry but it doesn’t mean it can’t conduct electricity or continue to corrode your motherboard.

Corrode? - While the short circuit can easily damage your motherboard components and means that you have no hope of recovery, one next most common problems with water damage seen is where the water damage happened is the board and components continue to corrode over time and then die. The ions left on the board act as catalysts, they can attract moisture in the air and over time eat into the copper traces and solder on the board, if that happens it could require an expensive board repair by professionals or a whole new board.

So what can I do? - One of the best things is to clean the board, not with water but with ether a ultrasonic PCB cleaner (not everyone has one of them just laying around) or the cheaper alternative is to flush the area with high percentage isopropyl alcohol while still wet and use something like a cotton bud to clean the area. That way you remove the liquid residue before it hardens and does secondary damage.

We have the facilities to clean your board if the worst should happen, while no guarantee it will work again it can be one of the cheapest options before having to replace the item or have it professionally repaired.

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